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Why TD SYNNEX and Lenovo?

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That’s the TD SYNNEX and Lenovo promise.

The stories of legendary people are riddled with strong communities of support and a constant drive for knowledge. Lenovo LegendsSMB is here to provide you with the resources you need to take your business to the next level. Below, you’ll find exclusive insights on special programs, pricing and financing and be introduced to your leadership team.


Exclusive Program

TD SYNNEX and Lenovo are both powerhouses, and together, they are unstoppable. As an elite performer, you need a world-class team by your side. Discover how this partnership can benefit your business and lead you to lasting success.

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Lenovo 360

Lenovo 360 unites the channel world at your fingertips so that you can increase your sales and sustain growth. It’s one of the hubs through which we share our lightbulb moments with you—our legendary partners.

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Lenovo Leap

As you’re utilizing these great resources and seizing new opportunities, our team goes above and beyond to show our appreciation with this unique loyalty rewards program. Through Lenovo Leap, you’ll gain points on sales and promotions.

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Lenovo Programs

Lenovo 360 and Lenovo Leap are just the beginning. Discover the full array of Lenovo programs with this overview and see the exciting experiences that await you.

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Special Pricing
and Financing

One of the perks of working with TD SYNNEX and Lenovo is having special pricing and financing opportunities. With more options at your disposal, your business will flourish.

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Team Coverage

We are proud of our team—and they are all standing by to serve you. Meet the experts that will make you a legend here.

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At TD SYNNEX and Lenovo, we are focused on making your life simpler. All it takes is one click, and these benefits are yours.
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Lenovo Toolkit

Are you looking to learn more about Lenovo products, solutions and support? Here you’ll find in-depth details on these dynamic solutions and discover what makes the sales so easy for these amazing products.

Discover the innovation that propels the legendary.


TD SYNNEX resources at your fingertips for your needs on demand.

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Lenovo Channel

Did you hear? With Lenovo Channel Chatter, you can engage with everything Lenovo Channel related, including the latest tech trends and industry updates.

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Lenovo Market

Why settle for the present when you can build a better future? With the Lenovo Market Builder, discover partner perks too good to pass up.

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Lenovo Parts and

Searching should not be like a lost and found—lookup spare parts by product for all your Lenovo needs.

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Lenovo Partner
Hub (LPH)

The Lenovo Partner Hub brings the resources to you and serves as your one-click centralized enablement repository.

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Lenovo Warranty
Lookup Guide

We’ve got you covered with a product warranty search and all the details needed for every situation.

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Product Spec

Find the product features and specifications you need for each product family with just a few clicks.

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Dive deeper into ISG services, accessories and software. Plus, you can support our planet and promote sustainability along the way!

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Solutions Center

Your home page portal to popular tools for PC products. Find the solution you need today.

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Explore Learning Opportunities

Navigating the channel is an ever-changing game, and those who are most successful are the ones who listen, learn and adapt. With our on-demand trainings, you can ensure you stay ahead of the waves and on top of every opportunity. Ready to discover a wide portfolio of trainings and insightful conversations curated by Lenovo?

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Lenovo Legends SMB

We’re here to help you on your journey of innovation.

Have questions?

Contact us today at LenovoSMB@tdsynnex.com.

Have program specific needs?

If you’re a Platinum, Gold or Silver Partner, contact Lenovo@tdsynnex.com. If you’re focused on Lenovo ESG, contact LenovoESG@tdsynnex.com.

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