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TD SYNNEX is uniquely positioned within the ecosystem to help partners deliver data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), generative AI and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Our industry and vertical expertise, coupled with our solutions aggregation methodology, support multi-vendor solutions from best-of-breed hardware, software and services to address today’s market demands.

Our vendor-agnostic data analytics and AI solutions team acts as your general contractor for business opportunities. With our internal specialists and consultants by your side, you gain support across horizontal and vertical markets.

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Build your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning business. Download our enablement guides for resellers to learn about the forces in the industry and our unique solutions to customer challenges.

Data Analytics Guide

Understand the myriad of choices in data analytics software available across the market.  The correct analytics software system can mean the difference between success and failure. Dive deep into solutions to maximize ROI for your customers. 



Alteryx Analytics provides business users and knowledge workers with a streamlined and well organized platform for data preparation, data blending, machine learning platform for building analytics automation workflows and easy-to-deliver output. 


AxxonSoft is a software development company that offers video management software (VMS), physical security information management platform (PSIM), and cloud solutions (VSaaS). Axxon PSIM has built-in intelligent video and audio analytics to recognize events as they occur and the ability to respond appropriately.


Cloudera Machine Learning on Cloudera Data Platform accelerates time-to-value by enabling data scientists to collaborate in a single unified platform. Purpose-built for agile experimentation and production ML workflows, Cloudera Machine Learning manages everything from data preparation to MLOps, to predictive reporting.



WaitTime’s state-of-the-art patented artificial intelligence leverages a guest platform and an operator's platform to observe, measure, and maximize the impact of wait time using real-time data and historical analysis. WaitTime is the industry leader in crowd intelligence and provides real-time data and historical analytics on crowd behavior.  optimizes your AI infrastructure by pooling GPUs into a single virtual layer and automating workload scheduling for 100% utilization. Visualizes every aspect of your AI journey, from infrastructure to model performance giving every user insights into the health and performance of the AI workloads.

Domino Data Lab Targets large code-first enterprises. Data scientists use this to help them develop and deploy their own data science and machine-learning solutions. Domino automates the DevOps activities required to optimize the utilization of the powerful NVIDIA DGX hardware. Domino Data Lab’s Nexus hybrid and multi-cloud MLOps architecture makes it possible to rapidly scale, control and orchestrate data science workloads across different compute clusters.
MeldCX By using meldCX machine learning and vision AI product packages/building blocks, your business can deliver a Vision AI application without writing a single line of code and customize only what’s necessary to meet your business's specific requirements.

RocketBot Rocketbot is an RPA cloud platform that promotes mass usage and accelerates your business’s digital transformation. Rocketbot has a unique appeal and value proposition for the MSP community in that their consumption model allows for by-the-minute billing, providing a cost-conscious solution for sporadically used bots associated with specific tasks or functions.

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Vision AI Learn how to uncover opportunities in Vision AI by watching this powerful webinar on the opportunity, ISV partners, and sizing infrastructure. 

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Alteryx - Office of Finance Despite strides in other areas, most finance offices still largely employ spreadsheets for data processing and management. Alteryx empowers analysts, managers, directors, and all users of finance data to move beyond data formatting and onto critical data analysis. When the Office of Finance harnesses the power of data analytics, they soon see results. Get the info!
IT Datacenter & Building Monitoring Build and deploy your smart space solution with TD SYNNEX’s IoT Aruba & EnOcean on Azure Click-to-Run™. In a matter of minutes, you can deploy and have an accessible and scalable IoT environment able to collect raw data from self-powered sensors safely and in a cost-effective way to form the foundation of data analytics and visualization.
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