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CloudSolv offers a premier cloud portfolio with cutting-edge hybrid and multi-cloud solutions – delivered by trusted advisors.

We equip our partners with innovative cloud solutions, transforming expensive and complex hardware platforms into scalable, resilient and repeatable resources, expanding our partners’ market reach, achieving their business goals and driving monthly recurring revenue.

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Cloud Sales Plays    
Hit the easy button on taking cloud solutions to market with ready-made marketing materials.
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Cloud Software Solutions
Make a match between your end-customer’s business needs to a cloud software solution to build MRR.
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Cloud Security Quick Start Guide

Learn how to address the most critical risks to secure your customers’ cloud in today’s sophisticated threat landscape.

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Cloud Security Simplified

We empower our partners to secure their customers’ clouds by leveraging a holistic defense-in-depth approach.

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Global Cloud Spend Report

Discover the market opportunity to sell cloud to independent software vendors (ISVs) as a customer and the total amount of cloud spend by ISV maturity level.

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Wasabi Sales Play Battle Card

Arm yourself with Wasabi’s ultra-competitive, easy-to-pitch battle card to drive cloud storage sales. See our Sales Play for more details.

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Webinars and Podcasts

How to Accelerate Your Business Selling Cloud Security Tools and Solutions
Address the most critical risks to secure your customers’ cloud in today’s sophisticated threat landscape.
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Cloud Solutions: Maximize MRR With SaaS  
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Don't Wait to Get Hacked: Safeguard Your Business With a Strong Security Culture
Develop and support a culture to keep security at the top of every co-workers’ mind - to protect your business from cyberthreats.    
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Breaking Ground With Zero Trust: Making Sense of ZT Best Practices
Learn why purpose-built, zero trust solutions are essential for organizations to fully embrace digital transformation.
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CloudSolv Business Webinars 
Our CloudSolv team has the insights you need to create industry-specific cloud offerings:

Charting the Course: Exploring FinOps with Senior Leaders
FinOps enables organizations to get maximum business value by helping engineering, finance and product teams to collaborate on data-driven business decisions.
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How to Accelerate Your Business Selling Data, AI and Edge Solutions
Discover a diverse range of data and AI solutions and services within the TD SYNNEX ecosystem, designed to help you tackle customer challenges and enhance value. By leveraging TD SYNNEX's data and AI solutions and services, you can drive the adoption of complementary technologies and boost cloud consumption.
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CloudSolv Podcasts 
Tune in to discover the latest insights from our CloudSolv team:

Finding Balance: Prioritizing Wellness in the Fast-Paced IT Channel
Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial to our overall health and well-being.
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The Fiasco With Password Storage Has Lessons for Us All
Discover the strategies and technology solutions to help you defend data against today’s cyber-attacks, save organizations money, and prevent strife. 
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Charting the Course: Exploring FinOps With TD SYNNEX Cloud Leaders
FinOps is a continuously evolving management discipline that makes data-driven business decisions that maximize business value.
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